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Daming Lake

Daming Lake, located in the center of Jinan City partial in Northeast China, the old city in northern, formed by the convergence of the Jinan numerous springs, Lake 58 hectares, park area of 103.4 hectares, with an average depth of 2 meters, 4.5 meters at its deepest is the bustling city in a rare natural lakes, one of Jinan and three spots ("return zhugege" summer rain lotus and the emperor met) and springs important scenic, open window and famous Chinese and foreign tourist destination, known as "Quancheng pearl" reputation. Daming Lake scenery is beautiful, lake water color Cheng Bi, with calendar under the pavilion, iron ancestral hall, Nan Fung Temple famous scenic spots, the annual reception of tourists at home and abroad about two million people, is Tianxiadiyi Chuen 5A level scenic area of the core part of. The calendar under the pavilion, the famous scenic spots Beijige, iron ancestral hall, floor detached etc..